Slope 2

[Left arrow] = Move Left
[Right arrow] = Move Right
[A][D] or [Q][D] - you an also use those keys to steer.

In this game you have to drive a ball which is running on various of slopes and obstacles.

Your main mission is to make the ball stay on the platform and continue moving.

If the ball fall down or crash into something, you lose the game.

The game becomes faster as you progress so be ready for speed-up.
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Slope 2 : Game Description

Slope 2

Slope 2 is the second edition of the popular online game where you control a ball which is rolling down the platform and your main mission is not to let it fall down or crash into blocks on your way. The first version of the game was extremely popular that's why the developers created a new version of the game with new levels and new obstacles. The graphics of the game is still the same - the neon colors of the game is in fact the main difference from similar games. As for me, those colors make the game even more difficult and more addictive because it is very difficult to control the ball when it is rolling down on high speed and the neon blocks are almost impossible to notice before it is too late. The game is very simple but at the same time requires reaction skills to succeed. Keep in mind that Slope 2 is an endless running game, this means that you will play it until the ball falls down or crash into something.

How To Play Slope 2?

The controls are pretty simple - you have to steer the ball left or right not to fall down. The endless number of slopes and boxes on your way makes this game very tricky. You can definitely control the ball when it jumps over the slope but it requires some practice. Enjoy the full version of Slope 2 and don't forget to share your thoughts about it.

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